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How to Buy a Car for Less than $5,000 in Florida

Florida drivers are speed demons. We like a combination of on-road and off-road driving. Living in the flattest state, there is no need for 4x4s or AWD vehicles… but a high ground clearance can be preferable when it floods! With these factors in mind, there are a pretty wide range of makes and models you can look into if you want to buy used, buy cheap, and own a car in full. Whether you’re buying for a first time driver or just trying to keep expenses reasonable, it is possible to find a reliable used car for less than $5,000.

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Used Cars for the Home Mechanic: Florida Edition

When your car has mechanical problems, don’t you wish you could fix it yourself? As a Floridian, the obstacles you’re dealing with could have to do with the insane traffic, high highway speeds, extreme heat and humidity, and more. So, if you’re tired of spending exorbitant repair costs on your highly-engineered BMW and paying out the wazoo

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Buying a Used Car May Be the Right Choice for You and Your Family

A few decades ago, there was a time in which people rightly assumed that buying used cars would be the worst investment possible, since you would often end up with an unstable vehicle purchased at an unfair price. These days, things are much different since manufacturing standards have ensured long-lasting reliability that extends way beyond a first owner's use.

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