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Welcome to Auto Tags of Florida, South Florida's premier tag and title renewals specialists. Whether you require notary services, need tag renewal, or to register or renew your car, motorcycle, boat or even jetski, you've come to the right place for fast, courteous same-day service! We are conveniently located on Federal Hwy in Pompano Beach, just minutes from Fort Lauderdale, Margate, Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton. No time to stop by? No problem! We can do everything through mail and/or email! Regardless of whether you are right around the corner, or in the Florida panhandle, we handle tags, titles and renewals all over Florida. Don't let expired tags ruin your day -- let's get started!

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Same Day Service

When you contact Pompano Beach’s premier tag renewal service, you can skip the hassle of dealing with the DMV to acquire, renew, or replace your Florida tags and permits.

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Easy Online Tag Renewal

Are your tags nearing their expiration deadline? Send in your documents via email or fax, and receive quick turnaround for your vehicle or boat tags.

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Custom Tags and Services

Are you looking for a custom license plate, a handicapped parking permit, or another service? Call us to find a quick resolution at
(954) 848-4808

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How to Drive Legally in South Florida: Dumb Laws Edition

Florida has quite the reputation. With Florida Man making his rounds in the news every so often, the public eye is often centered on our beautiful state when it comes to legal happenings. While many laws have come into play for a good reason, it’s safe to say that some of the laws in Florida are downright silly. It almost makes you wonder: what exactly happened here to establish such a precedent to justify these laws? The world may never know.

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Is Living on a Boat all It’s Cracked Up to Be? Florida Boat Owners, Feel Free to Weigh In!

South Florida is a funny place. Nowhere else in the world could someone casually bring up the topic of owning a boat without anyone batting an eye. If someone way up north or in the Midwest mentioned owning a boat, you may think of a fishing dinghy. Of course, we use our boats to go fishing out here, too. But for some of us, owning a boat – and living on it -- is actually a lifestyle choice. While it may seem like a fun and exciting one at first, the truth is, living on a boat may be something that’s best reserved for fantasy if you’re not properly prepared for it.

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