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Riding The Coming Heat Wave, Prepare Your Car Early For The Hot Florida Summer

The climate in Florida can be an unknown quantity for its residents. Scorching sun flanked by storm clouds that never quite stay above you until the least expected moment. These past weeks have seen the region experience perhaps coldest climate in a century, and even though there's the occasional tropical storm and hurricane here and there, usually Florida residents live in a warm weather for most of the time.

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Florida Drivers

Everybody loves Florida in the autumn and winter - especially holiday season. And if you’re like most Floridians, you’re going somewhere for the season. Maybe you’ll brave the airports and visit the cold, cold North, or maybe you’ll get behind the wheel and take a drive to the opposite coast and stay state-side. While driving during the holidays increases your chance of hitting traffic, it’s nothing compared to hurricane season! As a local - you feel ready. What should you do to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible?

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