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South Florida by Boat: A Local's Guide

If you’re a boating enthusiast who’s lucky enough to live in Florida, odds are you’ve visited South Florida to enjoy our amazing water paradise. Whether you’ve already purchased a boat or are thinking about buying one, there’s no doubt that many of the beautiful destinations between Miami, West Palm, and Sarasota can be viewed and appreciated best by the water. So, we’ve compiled this list for our clients who have recently completed a Fort Lauderdale boat tag registration or are thinking about purchasing a new vessel.

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How to Buy a Used Boat in Florida

How to Buy A Used Boat In Florida There's a unique freedom to owning your own boat - and in Florida, it can be one of the most freeing recreational activities. Fortunately, since so many people move in and out of our beautiful state, there are many opportunities to buy a used boat. Buying a used boat, while risky at times, can be a great alternative to buying something new and paying full price or dealing with a huge loan.

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