Is Your Driver's License Expiring? Due to COVID-19, The Governor Has Extended All License Renewals

Due to COVID-19, Florida Governor Ron De Santis has extended all driver's license renewals for 30 days. This went into effect on March 16th, so if your license is expiring by April 16th, you will have until May 16th to renew the license and you will still be able to drive with the expired license.This may get extended yet again (we're not sure), but for now, you're legally safe to drive without renewing and you won't have to add that to your list of to-dos and potential stressors for a little while longer. If you need to get your tag renewed, it is very easy to do this online and over the phone. Just email us at [email protected] to start the process of renewing your Pompano Beach registration or auto tags today.

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