When does my Florida tag expire? 

 Your tag expires at midnight on your birthday! Don’t wait until the end of the month - if you get pulled over, it will be regarded as expired.

 I just moved to Florida. How do I register my vehicle?

 It’s easy - just send us your title from the state from which you are moving, proof of Florida insurance, and a valid driver's license or passport.

 I am a Canadian citizen. Can I register my vehicle in Florida?

 Yes! Just bring three items: your Canadian Ownership Card, proof of Florida insurance and your Canadian driver's license or passport

 How do I update my registration and decal?

 You will need to provide proof of Florida insurance, registration and your license plate number.

 What do I do if my plate or decal is lost or stolen?

 If this happens, it’s important to get it replaced as soon as possible. We can help you get duplicate tags or decals if this happens.

 I want to sell my vehicle. What should I do?

 You will need your vehicle's title. Also, remember to surrender your plate.

 What do I do if I don't have the title?

 We can apply for a duplicate title for you. Only the registered owner of a vehicle can apply for a duplicate title.

 I’m selling my vehicle. Can I keep the license plate?

 Absolutely not! When you sell your car, you have to return your plate, otherwise you could get your driver’s license suspended.

 Is a Permanent Disabled Parking Permit really permanent?

 Despite the name, it’s not actually a permanent permit. After four years, the disabled parking permit will expire, and you’ll need a new doctor’s note to get it updated or replaced.

 A Temporary Disabled Placard (Permit) is valid for up to six months.

 If you have any more questions about the process in Florida, don’t hesitate to contact Auto Tags of Florida at (954)848-4808 for quick answers, friendly staff, and same day service!