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Florida Drivers: Texting AND Calling while Driving Is Now Illegal, but Only in Certain Situations

Let us preface this blog before we begin. It's obviously not a good idea to text and drive. Nevertheless, it's also not a good idea to be unaware of how this new law applies to us. The new Florida driving law, called "Wireless Communications While Driving", started January 1st, 2020. What does it mean? How will it be enforced? When is this law applied? As your local pompano beach and palm beach auto tag agency, we're here to help you figure out exactly what the law means and how it will be enforced when you're driving. Your safety is our priority, and we know those traffic tickets can add up.

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How to Drive Legally in South Florida: Dumb Laws Edition

Florida has quite the reputation. With Florida Man making his rounds in the news every so often, the public eye is often centered on our beautiful state when it comes to legal happenings. While many laws have come into play for a good reason, it’s safe to say that some of the laws in Florida are downright silly. It almost makes you wonder: what exactly happened here to establish such a precedent to justify these laws? The world may never know.

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