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Pompano Beach Auto Tag Agency

When you need an auto tag agency in Pompano Beach for auto tag registration renewals, Auto Tags of Florida is a great 5-star rated choice. Getting your Pompano Beach auto tags renewed needs to be done on time, and the whole process can get pushed back when you have to book a whole day to wait in line at the Broward County DMV. If your Pompano Beach car tags are expired, you could get more than a fine. A suspended license or a trip to one of Broward County's jails could be in the cards for you if you don't get that little sticker renewed on time.

Guess what? It is a very simple process to get your auto tags done if you use a good auto tag agency in Pompano Beach.


5-Star Rated Pompano Beach Auto Tag Agency


Auto Tags of Florida can get your DMV work done with no hassle, same-day. Oftentimes simply getting a head start on the application process will help you prevent problems you might have if you do get pulled over with an expired registration. We're lucky in Florida, and tag renewal can take place in an auto tag agency instead of your local DMV. At Auto Tags of Florida, we'll renew your Pompano Beach auto tags easily. You do not even have to be a Pompano Beach resident - we can renew tags throughout the whole State of Florida. You never even need to come into the office. We can do everything by phone, email, and post.


How Do I Start Renewing My Florida Auto Tags?


1) Email us your expired or expiring Florida auto tag registration.

2) Please include a copy of your driver’s license as well as a copy of your current auto insurance.

Two steps is all it takes for us to renew your auto tags. Pompano Beach auto tags can often be done same-day!

The staff at our auto tag agency in Pompano Beach will get your new Florida auto tags as soon as possible.


What Else Can I Get Done at an Auto Tag Agency?


First, you can renew your tags for 1 to 2 years. This saves you the hassle of thinking about another renewal for a while.

We can also help you with specialty auto tags to customize your license plate. A specialty plate will donate some of the money spent on the tag to charity, a university, a sports team, or a special interest group.


We also take care of boat/vessel tags, disabled parking permits, and more! Contact us at (954) 848-4808 to get your Pompano Beach auto tags renewed today!