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Florida Car Tips: Spotting a Flood Damaged Car

It’s hurricane season, and no state is more familiar with hurricanes than Florida. Here, we tend to roll our eyes at the panic-inducing newsflashes from The Weather Channel, but with the prevalence of king tides, flooding, and stronger and stronger hurricanes, buying a used car can be a real challenge.

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Most Popular New Cars in South Florida

Only you know when it’s time for a new car. Maybe you’ve been hanging onto your gas- (or electricity-) powered baby for a while, unready to give it up while bits of headliner shower you like confetti on your early morning commute. Or maybe it’s only been a couple of years but you’re dead tired of looking at the same gauges in the same car that drives the exact same way as it did the last 720 days. Whether your dash is starting to crack from the South Florida sun, or your car is in “like new” condition, or somewhere in between, there’s a certain surety that hits everyone when it’s time for a new ride. As your Fort Lauderdale tag agency, we can give you some insight on the popular vehicles in the area when it comes time to choose your new ride

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