Only you know when it’s time for a new car. Maybe you’ve been hanging onto your gas- (or electricity-) powered baby for a while, unready to give it up while bits of headliner shower you like confetti on your early morning commute. Or maybe it’s only been a couple of years but you’re dead tired of looking at the same gauges in the same car that drives the exact same way as it did the last 720 days. Whether your dash is starting to crack from the South Florida sun, or your car is in “like new” condition, or somewhere in between, there’s a certain surety that hits everyone when it’s time for a new ride. As your Fort Lauderdale tag agency, we can give you some insight on the popular vehicles in the area when it comes time to choose your new ride


Popular Cars in South Florida


You are probably wondering what your peers are driving. Thank gosh for statistics, right? Well, we can help you out there. Thus far in 2017, the most popular cars in South Florida fall in three major categories: affordable import sedans, luxury sedans, and crossover SUVs. So if you’re wanting to either fit in or stick out from the crowd, or just get an idea of what kind of ride people like in the flattest state in the USA, read on for some more detail as to why people have chosen something in these categories.


Affordable Import Sedans


According to a recent article by the Sun Sentinel, Honda’s and Toyota’s comprise the majority of 2017’s new car registrations in South Florida. When you consider a Civic or a Corolla, you are not alone. No doubt affordability plays a huge role in simplifying the decision for a lot of buyers. The simple fact is these cars last for a very long time and their parts are affordable to replace. Additionally, if you’re the kind of driver who likes to soup up his or her ride, it’s easy to upgrade the stock parts without sacrificing much from your wallet.


Luxury Sedans


Luxury vehicles are quite prominent on the list of South Florida’s favorites. The Mercedes C-Class and no fewer than four Lexus models are exceedingly popular among Floridians. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the main, and most obvious, is attributed to the high quantity of retirees and second-home-owners in the area. Snowbirds are known for expensive taste, and that includes car purchasing decisions.


Crossover SUVs Make a Comeback!


Since gas prices have declined somewhat, hovering just under $3.00 per gallon in 2017, crossover SUVs are gaining popularity. The Toyota RAV4, the Nissan Rogue, and the Honda CR-V are preferred vehicles among South Floridians, and appear to be holding their own. Their relatively low gas requirement for the size of the vehicle makes it a promising option for drivers who like to sit up high.

Wealthy vehicles are popular among wealthy buyers, especially since so many people choose to purchase a second home or retire in the area.


What Vehicles Are Not Popular?


In places outside of South Florida, trucks are a bigger hit, most likely due to the predominant industries of agriculture, construction, and industry. The F-series by Ford, the Chevy Silverado, and the Ram are all preferred in more rural areas. However, on the coast down here, vehicles like these are not seen as frequently.


In addition to trucks, domestic sedans are not a favorite among South Florida locals. They are not selling with near the frequency as imported sedans, so you could be in luck if you want to negotiate.


Are you in the market for a new vehicle? If so, you will need to make sure your tags and title are taken care of quickly so that you can drive that car legally in the State of Florida. Contact Auto Tags of Florida for more information, today!