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Camping vs Glamping: The Showdown

When you think of camping, what’s the first thing to come to mind? Is it the great outdoors, roasting hot dogs on a make-shift spit over an open fire, and burning helpless marshmallows to oblivion before trying to messily shove them between two chocolate-laden graham crackers? Or, do you perhaps think of cautiously navigating your fully-loaded recreational vehicle to one of the fully stocked camp sites that dot the South Florida coast?...

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RV Campground Etiquette for Floridians

South Florida is arguably one of the best places to own a recreational vehicle. With so many days of awesome sunshine and warm weather, sometimes it’s just better to be on the road instead of staying stuck at home. However, as a guest in an RV campground, there are certain rules (both written and unwritten!) that you must follow.

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