When you think of camping, what’s the first thing to come to mind? Is it the great outdoors, roasting hot dogs on a make-shift spit over an open fire, and burning helpless marshmallows to oblivion before trying to messily shove them between two chocolate-laden graham crackers? Or, do you perhaps think of cautiously navigating your fully-loaded recreational vehicle to one of the fully stocked camp sites that dot the South Florida coast? If you’re the latter, you probably prefer what has come to be called “glamping” -- that is, glamorous camping.

We’re not looking to start any fights between these two dueling factions, but if we had to put some money on it...well, you tell us. Are you a glamper or a camper? Ask yourself these four questions, and be honest; your answers will reveal your true spirit, whether it’s rugged or refined. (Don’t worry, we still like you no matter what you prefer!) Learn more below, or jump straight to find out about Florida RV decals if you're in a rush to get on the road.

What does your RV look like?

Some people always make sure to have the newest generation of recreational vehicles and are quick to trade up when next year’s models roll out. Other people, though, have an RV that is older than most of their children and it has the scratches and dings to prove it. If your RV came equipped with all of the technological bells and whistles, you may be a glamper. If you still have your front seat navigator (read: your spouse or bestie) pull out a map to help you get across South Florida, though, your heart undoubtedly still remains loyal to camping.

How do you sleep at night?

Gosh, this one sounds almost like an accusation. Did you haul in a down duvet and feather pillows for your trip? Or do you have a hastily packed sleeping bag tumbling around somewhere in the back of your rig? One of these may hint at your tendencies to glamp instead of camp, but we’re not going to call anyone out for having a personal preference. How you sleep at night is your own business, friend.

How do you take your coffee in the morning?

If anything belies a person’s preference for glamping or camping, coffee is it. Does your morning ritual include freeze dried coffee crystals activated by water boiled in a battered stainless steel pot and whitened with powdered creamer and sugar? If this sounds like you, then you’re most likely at a campsite. If you carefully packed a French press, though, and fished organic cream and raw turbinado sugar from your cooler, then we’re gonna just have to call it like it is: you’re a glamper.

What’s your hygiene routine?

Just like how coffee is the true barometer for who is glamping and who is camping, how you bathe at your campsite also reveals a lot about who you are. If you’re perfectly content to splash a little bit in the river and call it good for your daily washing, then you’re a camper at heart. Conversely, if you tucked small vials of your favorite botanical shampoo and conditioner into your luggage and confirmed that your campsite actually has hot running water before you even left your house then yep. You’re a true-blue glamper.

Whether you require all of the finer domestic luxuries within your reach when you grudgingly stumble into open nature, or you prefer to hike in with only small satchel on your back, we can all doubtlessly agree that fresh air and a break from the daily grind can provide a much welcome relief from your daily stressors. No matter what category you fall into, an escape from the city life can be exactly what you need to rest, recharge, and firmly press the “reset” button in your life.


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Photo credit: rawpixels.com