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Auto Tags of Florida Has a New, Encrypted Email! Plus a Few Security Tips from Our Developers...

Our email has changed! While we're still receiving emails at our old email, [email protected], we encourage you to email us at our new address: [email protected] When you're dealing with sensitive information like Auto Tags and DMV filings, you want to make sure you go with an auto tag agency that cares about your safety. We're proud to invest in the security of our clients, and we're excited to announce that in the past year we have upgraded to SSL, invested in encrypted email, and various other data protection methods to ensure that your information is kept safe and private. We do not collect or sell information from our clients, and we value your security.

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Four Tips for Driving Safe this Halloween (for everyone... not just Florida drivers!)

Ah, yes. Halloween. It’s that time of the year that ghosts, ghouls, witches, and Your Preferred Comic Book Hero of Choice™ take to the streets, bearing hollow plastic pumpkins and holding little old ladies hostage for their candy. Of course, if you don’t give them the goods that they demand, they’ll threaten you with the ever-ominous “trick” part of their rallying cry of, “Trick or treat!” It’s truly a wholly terrifying experience...

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So Fresh 'n So Clean (Clean): The Basics to Washing a Florida Car

While some people are perfectly content in dropping a few bucks in a drive-thru coin-op car wash, many others are more of a fan of the hands-on approach to keeping their car free from dust and dirt. If you’re part of Team DIY when it comes to keeping the outside of your car squeaky clean, you may benefit from a few helpful pointers on how to wash your car properly. As your local Pompano Beach auto tag agency, we're veterans of the damage the tropical Florida environment can do to your car.

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