Our email has changed! While we're still receiving emails at our old email, [email protected], we encourage you to email us at our new address: [email protected].

When you're dealing with sensitive information like Auto Tags and DMV filings, you want to make sure you go with a Pompano Beach auto tag agency that cares about your safety. We're proud to invest in the security of our clients, and we're excited to announce that in the past year we have upgraded to SSL, invested in encrypted email, and various other data protection methods to ensure that your information is kept safe and private. We do not collect or sell information from our clients, and we value your security.

Our new email uses the highest level of encryption to keep your emails secure. When you send us personal information, you can rest assured that nothing on our end will be scanning your private information. We encourage everyone to send emails securely using the form on our site, or using a free encrypted email account. We're investing in an upgraded Protonmail account, but they offer a free encrypted account, and if you use something like that you can help keep your data safe online. We have not been paid by Protonmail to say this, and we get no benefits from mentioning them or from you using them. We want to keep our customers safe, and that's that.

We haven't had any data breaches, and we want to keep it that way! When you're sending information like driver's licenses, tag information, and payment information online, it's important to make sure that what you send stays safe. If you don't want to open an email account, a simple way to keep your information safe is to compress whatever your are sending and use a password. An open source program for compressing a file is PeaZip. They're also free, and all their source code is available online, so you can investigate how secure they are yourself. Members of our web development team recommend them as a safer way to prevent data from being leaked on transit. Just compressing a file before attaching it makes it easier to keep that data from being scanned from a free email provider.

We want to keep our auto tag customers happy and SAFE. Happy New Year!

-The team at Auto Tags of Florida


If you're looking for an auto tag agency that cares about client security, contact Auto Tags of Florida at (954)848-4808 or email us on our encrypted email: [email protected].


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