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Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Road Trip

Car trips are the best. The windows rolled down, your tongue flopping out of your mouth while the wind buffets your face, sniffing all the fun and new smells while zipping down the highway in South Florida – there’s nothing quite like having four legs, a wagging tail, and being the companion of choice for your human’s travels.

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Traveling with the Kiddos – How to Get There (and Back) Without Going Insane

“Mooommmm…daaaaaaad. Are we there yet?” Oh. My. Gosh. Ask me one more time, Junior. Just ask me, and I’ll tell you where you are. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not there yet, and it rhymes with peep hubble. Traveling with your little ones can be such a wonderful and joyous adventure. Watching their wide eyes and sweet, open faces as they gaze wonderingly out the window...

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