There’s nothing quite like clearing your schedule for a couple days, grabbing your bestie, and piling into your car for a fun weekend getaway on the beautiful Florida coast (East or West, though?).


Sure, all of your relationships are valuable. Your significant other has dried your tears, your kids are your reason for living, but your best friend? She’s been there for you through thick and thin – spoon feeding you ice cream when your heart was broken, or lending you her favorite dress when you had The Event of the Year to attend but nothing to wear. You and she need a couple days together. Escaping the daily grind with her can be exactly what you need to unwind, relax, and recharge your life.


The thing is, we ladies have a reputation of packing everything but the kitchen sink even if we’re going on just a short jaunt up the road. I’m sure our grandpas even have stories about the time they popped the trunk and lo and behold, there was the washbasin and there goes grandma, slinking away guiltily. While it’s always a good idea to be prepared, we really don’t need to pack our entire closets for just a short weekend trip. Here’s what you really need to bring with you for a short mini-vacay with your closest gal pal.


Important documents. Make sure you remember to bring your photo ID and your insurance card. If you purchased any tickets, or have any paperwork for your reservations, make sure you have them, too. While many places are going the e-ticket route these days, if your cell phone signal suddenly drops off unexpectedly, you’re going to be glad you packed them. Also, before you hit the road, make sure your Florida registration renewal was completed. Driving with expired tags is a sure way to spend part of your budget on the kind of overpriced ticket you don’t want to pay.


Clothes and shoes. Well, yeah, duh. Don’t forget your clothes, silly. But don’t pack everything, either. Depending on the tone of your trip, you only need one dress and (depending on the weather) one pair of VERY light pants or shorts. Bring two or three cute tops that you can mix-and-match with your bottoms. Throw in one pair of sensible flats and one pair of heels. Don’t forget your swimsuit! And while it may seem like a good idea to pack a dozen pairs of underwear, seriously. Put them away. You’re only going to be gone two nights. Two pairs and a spare should be fine.


Hygiene and medications. You don’t want to get to your destination, unzip your overnight bag, and realize with horror that you forgot your toothbrush. You and your BFF are close, but not that close. Be sure to grab all of your essentials before you fly out the door. Your toothbrush, your deodorant, and even your contact lens solution should be in your overnight bag. If you take medicine, make sure you bring it with you, too. And if Aunt Flo decides to drop in? Ugh. You have our sympathies, but make sure you have enough supplies to get you through the trip.


Your makeup bag. You don’t need to bring your whole kit, but make sure you have enough to last your whole trip. (If you’re not a dressy kinda gal, that’s fine, too! Do what makes you feel confident.) But if you are, at least make sure you have some tinted moisturizer, brow gel, mascara, a little bit of blush, and some lipstick. Add more as needed, or keep it simple. It’s up to you.


Above all, throw all expectations and worries out the window. The moment you climb into the car, exchange a big, excited grin with your favorite friend, and hit the gas – you’re on vacation, baby! Live it up, play it by ear (but also play it safe!) and don’t let little things get you down. So what if it rains or the restaurant you were dying to visit happens to be closed while you’re there? Roll with it. You’re making memories of a lifetime, and I absolutely guarantee you’ll look back and laugh at any hiccups you may encounter on the way.


Whether it’s a girls’ weekend or a birthday bash, registration renewal is a high priority before any road trip. We offer same-day service, so procrastinators rejoice! You can practically wait until the last minute to get those papers filed.

Seriously though, please don’t wait until the day of your trip!

Photo credit: Sake Le