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Palm Beach Registration Renewal

Is it time for your Palm Beach registration renewal? You can get your car registration renewed online and over the phone easily when you contact Auto Tags of Florida. We're lucky: in Florida, we don't have to go to the DMV to get your car reregistered when it's about to expire. If your car has already expired, you can still get your Palm Beach registration renewal easily as well!  We use encrypted email services to help guarantee your security when you send in your documents. In Palm Beach, your registration expires anywhere from one to two years. You can purchase a two year registration so that you can wait more than a year for your Palm Beach registration renewal, too! 

Don't forget this simple process. It's not worth the additional fines, tickets, and even a suspended license. We can have your Palm Beach registration renewal done in just 24 hours, and we can even mail you your new registration stickers if you don't have time to drive by the office!

Registration Renewal in Palm Beach, Florida


Is your birthday approaching? Then your tags are probably about to expire! It's important to get it done quickly, because after your registration expires, you have a limited time to renew before having to pay a fee or deal with additional paperwork. Once your Palm Beach registration renewal is done, you'll receive your new sticker and be on the road safely again in no time. 

Renewing Your Florida Registration


One of the great things about the State of Florida is that you don't have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, aka the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as it's officially called. A Palm Beach auto tag agency can help you get your new registration in just one day. Auto Tags of Florida specializes in same-day service. Contact us with your updated insurance details, your expired car registration information, and your driver's license information. You'll have your Palm Beach registration renewal completed in no time!


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