You asked, and we answered. Last time, we showed you some of the best gifts you can get for a Florida driver - and we don’t want you to break the bank on this one.

Here are some helpful options that are both practical and fun, starting with...

A Watchful Dash Camera

We're living in an era of infinite information and massive surveillance. How about you let your loved ones do some of their own while driving? We're not talking about spying on people, but instead having a handy camera that could avert financial tragedy when dealing with insurance companies after a crash (which sadly, tend to happen in Florida). Inexpensive quality dash-cams can be easily installed in cars and can be the source of relief for many drivers when trouble comes knocking on their car bumper.

A Cool Cassette Adapter

If you're getting a gift for a classic car lover, then they probably ride around with an all-original car, including an old a cassette player. Unless they're also keen on maintaining a mountain of music tapes with some 80' hard rock (which actually sounds pretty cool), they might not have a lot of music options for their car.

With modern cassette adapters, you can plug in any device you can think of to that old player and let the tunes play out with all the modern benefits of a smartphone, a tablet or even a laptop. They may even have the chance to do some hands-free calling unless they also like to have one of those huge brick-sized cellphones from the early nineties. You never know.

A Slick Car Computer Adapter

For those picky drivers who're always tinkering with their car and checking on their performance, An automatic adapter can plug into most cars and display the car computer's data on a smartphone or tablet, providing a live diagnosis of its performance, possible issues and possibly even call emergency services in case of an accident. One of these can be a dream gift for any mechanic, and you'll be sure to see them test this bad boy on every possible occasion.

A Brand-New Steering Wheel

Depending on the conditions of the car you gift-receiver owns, it might have a worn out or just awful steering wheel. Even if he or she doesn't, a shiny new one that perhaps has a cool quality or an amazing design that fits their personality might be the best gift they receive this season.

Think about it, it'll be something they will have in front of them and all times and hold tightly while driving, reminding them constantly how such an amazing person was so thoughtful as to gift them their new steering wheel.

So, there you have it, there's a lot of things you can give to your favorite driver for the holidays. And even if you didn't find that perfect gift on this short list, just remember: it's the thought that counts.

And maybe the most thoughtful thing you can do to show how much you care about this driver is solving all their licensing and registration needs by taking them to Auto Tags of Florida, or just letting them know they can call (954)848-4808 and give all the assistance needed for their car tagging and registration needs.