Living in Lake Worth Beach can be a dream come true. This spot, nestled in Palm Beach County, offers residents a dense suburban ambiance, with many choosing to rent their homes. Families and young professionals alike find themselves at home in the community's charm and accessibility.

This southeastern slice of Florida stands as a haven for boating enthusiasts, with numerous intracoastal waterways, lakes, and private water access points, not to mention the vast Lake Worth Lagoon, stretching parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. It's no surprise that those enamored with boating, yachting, and aquatic adventures often make Lake Worth Beach their permanent or secondary residence. 

Nearby, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens all share in this aquatic allure, offering marinas, hidden boating alcoves, and endless opportunities for relaxation along the southeast coastline.

Owning a boat in Florida is a dream in many harbors, and for those fortunate enough to possess one in Lake Worth Beach, going through the process of boat registration is quite literally a rite of passage. Unlike registering a car or truck, registering a boat requires adherence to specific guidelines set by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

Boat Registration Requirements in Lake Worth Beach

To register your boat or vessel in Lake Worth Beach, you'll need to provide essential information, including:

  • The make, model, and manufacturing year of the vessel.
  • Dimensions of the vessel, encompassing length, width, and type (e.g., sailboat, powerboat).
  • The vessel's hull identification number (HIN).
  • If the vessel is already registered in another state, the current registration certificate.
  • Names and addresses of all owners of the vessel.
  • Payment for the registration fee is contingent upon the vessel's length and type.

Once armed with this information, you can initiate the registration process by sending them to a local tax collector's office or the FLHSMV in Lake Worth Beach. Alternatively, online registration may be available through the FLHSMV website for added convenience.

Upon registration, you'll receive a certificate and stickers, which must be affixed to the vessel and renewed annually, alongside the registration itself.

In addition to registration, making sure your vessel is adequately equipped and maintained is crucial. This means having all necessary safety gear stocked in your boat, such as life jackets and fire extinguishers. Also, make sure to have your boat checked out every so often so that it’s up to par with operational safety standards.

Make sure to follow the steps for registration, and also make sure to keep this registration up to date diligently Getting through it means you’ll be able to confidently navigate Lake Worth Beach's Caribbean waters without having to worry about getting into trouble for having an expired boat tag.

If you need any help getting this process completed fast and easy, you can always contact us at Auto Tags of Florida to get it done for you! We’re always available to take this off your concern and make it happen. Just relax and enjoy the waters, we’ll take care of the rest!