Pompano Beach is a paradise for boaters and water enthusiasts. Known for its crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and warm weather, the city attracts recreational boaters from around the world. As one of the top boating destinations in Florida, it's no surprise that the state has over 950,000 registered recreational vessels. 


If you’re thinking of owning a boat in this Floridian paradise, let’s give you a rundown on what’s required for completing your boat registration in Pompano Beach in Florida.


Florida state law requires all vessels with motors to have a Florida title as proof of ownership. This applies to all boats, jet skis, canoes, and other types of watercraft. If you are a non-resident, you may be exempt from this requirement if your vessel is registered in your home state and will only be used in Florida for less than 90 days.


There are a few exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you own a vessel that is exempt from titlings, such as a canoe or a kayak, you do not need a Florida title. Additionally, if you purchased a vessel from a dealer who is not a Florida dealer and the vessel will be titled and registered in another state, you do not need a Florida title.

Applying for Registration and Title

To apply for a registration and title in your name, you will need to provide the following information and documentation:

- Proof Of Ownership 

The first piece of documentation you will need to provide is proof of ownership, which can be either a Florida title or a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO). If you purchased the vessel from a private seller, make sure they have a clear title and sign it over to you.

- Proof Of Identity  

The next piece of documentation you will need to provide is proof of identity, which can be a valid driver's license or state-issued identification card. This is necessary to confirm your identity and ensure that you are the legal owner of the vessel.

- Payment Of All Applicable Fees

In addition to the above, you will also need to pay all applicable fees, including registration and titling fees, sales tax, and any other applicable fees. These fees will vary depending on the size and type of vessel you own.

- Completed application for registration and title

Finally, you will need to complete an application for registration and title. This can be done in person at a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) office or online through the DHSMV's website. When completing the application, make sure to provide accurate information and double-check all information before submitting it.


It's important to note that if you are a non-resident of Florida, you may need to provide additional documentation, such as proof of insurance, to register your vessel in the state. Additionally, if you purchased your vessel from out-of-state, you may need to provide additional documentation to prove that you paid sales tax in your home state.


You can submit your application in person at a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) office or online through the DHSMV's website.

Registration Requirements

In Florida, all vessels with motors that operate in state waters must be registered. This includes boats, jet skis, and other types of watercraft. The registration is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. There are a few exceptions to this requirement, such as non-motorized vessels like canoes or kayaks.


The registration consists of three components: an FL Number, a validation decal, and a registration certificate. The FL Number is a unique number assigned to your vessel that must be displayed on the bow of the vessel. The validation decal is a sticker that must be affixed to the port side of the vessel. The registration certificate must be carried on board the vessel and presented to law enforcement upon request.


In accordance with Florida law, a boat must be properly registered and titled. If you don't comply, you can have to pay a fine, court expenses, and perhaps have your boat taken away from you. If you live in Pompano Beach and want to register your boat, but want to avoid these repercussions, read this page carefully. Keep in mind that appropriate registration and titling are integral parts of good boating practices that are necessary for everyone's safety on the water.


If you need any assistance getting you vessel registered in Pompano Beach, don’t hesitate to reach us and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of for you!