Florida drivers, it's time for your update on all things local!

This week, the Florida Deparment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, aka the Florida DMV, announced that they will be paying attention to brake systems on commercial vehicles. Checking for leaks, brake hoses and tubing will be a part of their compliance checks in the upcoming weeks. It's important to pay attention to the ongoing interests of the Florida Highway Patrol, as these campaigns can give you an idea of what areas of car safety they will be paying attention to when they handle routine checks or make traffic stops.

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The Florida Highway Patrol Joins the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance for Brake Safety Week

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Beginning today through September 21, 2019, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) joins the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to participate in Brake Safety Week. Throughout the initiative, FHP Troopers will conduct roadside safety inspections on commercial motor vehicles. Vehicles with critical brake violations or other critical vehicle inspection item violations, will be restricted from traveling until those violations are corrected.

“It is paramount that commercial motor vehicle brake systems and their components are routinely checked and maintained to ensure the safety of everyone on Florida’s roads,” said Colonel Gene S. Spaulding, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol. “FHP Troopers will be paying special attention to brake hoses and tubing during the week to ensure these vehicles are in compliance.”

Routine brake system inspections and component replacement are vital to the safety of commercial motor vehicles. The brake systems on commercial motor vehicles are comprised of components that work together to slow and stop the vehicle and brake hoses and tubing are essential for the proper operation of those systems. Brake hoses and tubing must be properly attached and undamaged, without leaks and appropriately flexible. Brake hoses and tubing are an important part of the braking system so when they do fail, they can cause problems for the rest of the braking system.

Motorists should protect themselves and their passengers by learning how to share the road safely. FHP offers these tips for driving around large trucks:

  • Stay out of the No Zone: Be aware that large trucks have large blind spots (also known as “No Zones”).
  • Pass trucks with caution: Pass on the left side for maximum visibility and maintain a constant speed.
  • Use extra caution around trucks: Be sure to leave plenty of room when you pull in front of a truck. Large trucks simply can’t stop as quickly as smaller vehicles.
  • Practice patience around larger vehicles that are not traveling at the same speed as your vehicle.
  • Report aggressive or dangerous driving by dialing *FHP (*347) or 911.