For some of us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than rolling down the windows, letting the wind whip through our hair, and jamming out to some awesome tunes while on a road trip. However, some of us are a little bit quieter and a little more reserved and may not find 90’s pop at top volume to be the epitome of a good time.

Does that sound a little bit like you? If so, you just may be the type of person who prefers a more easygoing vibe on long car trips, and audiobooks may be just the ticket to help keep you entertained when you’re behind the wheel. Whether you’re simply making the short commute to work or you’re traveling across the Sunshine State to visit your folks, these tips can help get you started on audiobooks for your next road trip.

1) Know your tastes. Some of us have been absorbing novels ever since we could read and know exactly what we like. Others maybe prefer to chill out with a good movie and some popcorn. This insight can help you decide what kind of audiobook you should choose for your next trip. If you already know that you like fast-paced thrillers, then a Victorian romance may not be your thing. On the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t choose a tearjerker if you couldn’t sit through Old Yeller without bawling. After all, you probably want to be able to see the road instead of being blinded by your tears, right?

2) Vet your narrator. A narrator can make or break an otherwise good story. You’ll want a narrator whose voice matches the story. Sometimes a soothing female narrator can help pull you into the story better. Other times, you may want a deep rumbling baritone of a male narrator to enthrall you. Accents can either make the story more exciting, or they can distract you, especially if you’re straining your ears to figure out their lilt. You can vet the narrator by doing a quick Internet search, so plan ahead before you choose your next audiobook to avoid disappointment or even annoyance.

3) Source your material. There are numerous websites that allow you to purchase—or even just borrow!— audiobooks. These websites often come with a monthly or annual subscription fee, but for many people, it’s worth every cent. If you want access to a bounty of audiobooks but you don’t want to break the bank, though, you may want to check out your local library. They often have tons of audiobooks just waiting to be scooped up. Even better, many of them keep them online, so you don’t even have to go in person to borrow one.

Getting lost in a good story is a whole lot more enjoyable than getting lost on a sketchy back road, so always make sure you pay attention while you’re driving. If you find that you’re focusing more on your story than your drive, consider stopping for a few minutes for a break to rest and recharge. Nevertheless, with a good audiobook on hand, you may find that your five-hour drive passed in a flash and you’ll be at your destination before you know it!

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Photo credit: Peter Fazekas