Going on a road trip shouldn’t be a time to worry about counting calories, killing it at the gym, or eating nothing but micro-greens and kale smoothies. However, you shouldn’t throw your health or fitness goals entirely out the window when out on the open road. After all, you want to get to your destination (and back again!) both looking and feeling your very best. Whether you're HOVing through South Florida or taking back roads in the 'glades, the tactics for arriving in good condition are universal,

Paying attention to your body’s cues and keeping your mind relaxed can help you make the most out of your road trip across South Florida. (PS: You can leave your power rack and your treadmill at home. It won't fit in your trunk, anyway.)

Stay hydrated.

If we had to choose any one thing to really emphasize, it would be to drink plenty of water while behind the wheel. Sitting in your car with the AC on blast and a mega gulp drink in your hand may sound like a good idea at the time, but that recirculated air can completely suck the moisture out of your skin. And that half gallon soft drink is a caffeine bomb waiting to dehydrate you. If you need a coffee or an energy drink to stay alert, try to stop at one and chase it with a bottle of water (or two or three!).

Embrace the pit stop.

Of course, if you’re taking our advice and making sure you get your required 64 ounces of water a day, you’re going to need to make frequent bathroom breaks. I mean, there’s no other alternative, unless you want to hold it for the entire trip. (We don’t recommend it that, either – holding your tinkle is a UTI just waiting to happen.)

Plan on stopping several times along the way, for at least for fifteen minutes every two hours. Use your stop as an opportunity to stretch your legs. If the rest area isn’t completely sketch (and honestly, to be fair, South Florida has some pretty nice rest stops), do a few laps around the perimeter before you pile back into your car. You’ll be able to shake out not only your legs, but any encroaching fatigue that may be sneaking up on you as you drive. Also, your back will thank you!

Eat mindfully.

It’s tempting to fill the passenger seat with several open packages of your favorite travel snacks. Salty potato chips, gummy candies, those questionable meat sticks that you can usually find for a dollar at the gas station…mmm. Resist the urge to go face-first into a pile of high-sugar, low nutrition food. Salty foods can make you feel bloated, and empty carbs will fill you up in the short term but lead to a major energy slump afterward.

Instead, pack a cooler of some nutritious but yummy snacks. Boiled eggs, fresh cut fruit, trail mix, and veggies with hummus can still be a tasty and filling option when driving. Also, try to avoid eating while driving. Not only can that cause an upset stomach, it can also lead to dangerous, distracted driving. Consider pulling over for an impromptu picnic, or look into healthy fast-food alternatives while out on the road.

Nobody wants to get to their destination feeling tired, puffy, and grumpy. By avoiding the worst of the junk food out there, practicing gentle movement every couple hours, and chugging that water, you can start your vacation on your best foot. If you do, however, decide to pack your blender and your running shoes? Totally fine. After all, whatever makes you feel good on a road trip is the goal, right? Right.

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Photo credit: RawPixel.com