It’s no secret that half the State of Connecticut has moved to Florida post-pandemic. The amount of new residents has skyrocketed, and so we’ve decided to provide you with some updated guidelines on what you need to do as a driver in our beautiful, sunny state. 


Get your Florida license:


You have 30 days to get your ID card in the State of Florida once you have established residency. Bring in your old license with proof of ID and evidence of your new address (two letters like a utility bill and a lease document), and you’ll be on your way to becoming a legal driver in the state. 


Transfer your car titles


You have 10 days to transfer your car titles. Thankfully this one can be done remotely. Auto Tags of Florida can help you get the transfer done. You should notify your car insurance provider and make sure they have your new address on file before you transfer the title. Then, we’ll need the copy of the insurance and the title or a letter from your loan company. Make sure you bring us the VIN too!


Do you have any questions about driving legally in the State of Florida? We can help you get all your paperwork in order. Contact Auto Tags of Florida to get your Boca Raton or Palm Beach residence official!

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