Vehicle registration is a legal requirement imposed by Florida  to prove that you have registered your vehicle with the state in exchange for a share of the revenue generated from the sale of taxes and fees. The initial registration fee is $225 plus any applicable taxes, title fees, and plate fees.

Details Regarding the Registration Process

Any vehicle driven on highways must be registered to do so legally. Cars registered in another state can be transferred to Florida within 10 days of the new owner establishing residency in the Sunshine State.

There are three distinct sections to the registration process:

  • An official paper registration certificate must be kept in the vehicle or on the person doing the driving at all times.
  • A license plate, often known as a tag, is displayed on the vehicle at all times.
  • Small sticker into the tag's top right corner to indicate that the tag/registration is up to date

Registration may be valid for either one or two years, depending on your tag’s expiration. This depends on the length of time you want to register for. The registration expires at midnight on the original owner's birthday.

Vehicle registrations are good for up to 10 years. When the registration is renewed for the tenth time, the driver may receive new license plates.

 Getting Your Vehicle Registered

As was previously established, State laws require car registration for all drivers. The registration must be renewed every year or two, and you have until three months before it expires to do so. A license is invalid as of midnight on the expiration date because the state does not permit a grace period.

The only time this isn't the case is when the driver is operating a commercial vehicle. The renewal deadline for such registrations is either June 30 or December 31. You can find out which one applies to you by looking at the certificate of registration.

If the renewal isn't submitted in time, a late fee will be applied to the original registration cost. The car's licensing tax is the basis for this calculation.

Re-Enrollment Choices

You might assume that going to a DMV office is your only choice if it's time to renew your registration. The problem is that doing so isn't always easy, and it often takes a lot of time and energy. The wait times at these places of business can be excruciatingly long. It's great that you offer alternatives because many people simply don't have the time to accomplish this.

 Rather than renewing your license at the DMV, you can have it processed by a private courier service. You can obtain assistance renewing your registration by sending us an email with your expired registration, driver's license information, and current insurance information. Contact us immediately to begin saving both time and money. We offer excellent service and competitive rates as a top Broward County private courier to the DMV option. When it comes to auto tags, we do everything, from tag renewals to registration and more. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us immediately or browse our website.