Are you an RV owner? If so, you know the freedoms that come from the nomadic joys of taking your home anywhere you go. In our last post, we delved into the tips of ownership in Florida. Read on to learn more!

Get Your Camping Straight

All around Florida and all over the country there are campgrounds where you're able to set up your RV and enjoy the outdoors. However, the process of arriving and setting up can be quite tedious and long if you don't have a routine handy, especially after a long drive.

Therefore, you should make a mental list that goes through the motions one by one, making sure you're always on track and can get yourself cozy in a short time, the list should go something like this:

- Check the place.

- Check for water, electricity and sewage hookups.

- Pull up the RV and level it if it's necessary.

- Secure your RV and chock the wheels.

- Connect your RV and switch your power to the hookup.

- Attach the sewage hose to the drain hookup. (Remember to use gloves for this!)

- Set up the rest and get cozy.

There, with those steps, you'll be set up in what we hope will be a beautiful place to visit. And speaking of beautiful things...

Keep it Clean

Consider you're in a vehicle that will probably go through dusty landscapes, muddy treks, forested areas and roads where it will inevitably splat hundreds of Florida bugs. Your RV will a little watery love every once in a while, and the exterior of your vehicle shall look as if it has gone through a fiery gauntlet if you don't clean it up.

Before cleaning, though, check out the surfaces for things like twigs among ventilations or leaves plastered onto windows, since you may not want to scratch them. Since we're talking about a large vehicle, you should use a long-handled squeegee to expand your reach, thus you'll make sure you reach all spaces handily.

If you're in a campground, try to limit yourself to a small bucket for cleaning specific spots. Being wasteful with water is frowned upon and campsites are not the best place to do it anyway.

Give Yourself Some Space

You can manage the spaces inside your RV to make it more comfortable for you and your family and friends. The seating, bedding, and cabinets should be moved and arranged so that weight is neatly distributed and comfort is maximized all around. You'll be spending a lot of time inside this place, and it should be one that best fits those who travel in it. Just make sure it's functional and weight-efficient so that you don't mess up the axle and suspension of the vehicle and you should be fine.

Enjoy Yourself

We've given you a lot of rules and advice so far, but all in all, traveling in an RV is a wonderful experience that will only get better the more you do it. Practice and preparation make the master, and soon enough you'll be able to enjoy the freedom of having a home on wheels to travel anywhere in the country. Enjoy the trip!

If you need some help with the title process for your RV or any other vehicle, you can contact Auto Tags of Florida at (954)848-4808 and we'll help you out with everything you need!