The year is winding down and we look unto 2018 with all hopes for a good year filled with good journeys on the road. One of the things that make us most excited about the New Year is seeing which beautiful cars will start circulating and filling up the streets.

There are many good prospects if you're thinking about getting some shiny new wheels for next year. Many of those 2018 models are already rolling around, and some of those are remodelings of existing vehicles. Renowned names in the industry such as Honda, Ford, and Toyota have all updated their roster of models and introduces some interesting models, so let's take a little look at both those and other concepts that might catch your eye and your heart in the next months!

Hyundai Sonata

Strong, dependable, safe. One of the most pragmatic designs that incorporate style and design acumen into its frame. This mid-sized vehicle has refreshed its look for 2018 and revamped its transmission and suspension for its top-end model.

This is an all-around sedan available in six trim levels and three engine types, two of them being turbocharged engines, as well as a standard infotainment system, touch screens, smartphone compatibility software and the works!

Audi A6

Autonomous driving is edging closer and closer to the norm, and the Audi A6 is an example of this change. This model will feature a variety of electronic driving assistance programs such as adaptive cruise control for stop-and-go traffic, collision sensors and blind-spot monitors as well as a heads-up display system that will essentially make driving easier all around.

Aside from this, the Audi A6 models will come with several power increases, getting to a potential 252 horsepower and available in a downsized but still powerful twin-turbo V6 engine.

Kia Stinger

Even though Kia isn't a brand usually mentioned during conversations about sports cars, their Stinger model is becoming the sensation of the contemporary sports vehicle roster. This wonderfully-shaped sedan not only presents the expected quality and accommodations of a modern sedan, it also boasts serious power under the hood.

It comes in two types of engines, one of them being a twin-turbo V6 engine that takes it from 0 to 60 mile per hour in 5.1 seconds. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, with an optional four-wheel drive.

Ford Fiesta ST

An uncredited classic from previous decades, the Ford Fiesta has always been a simple but reliable model for all people. Now, Ford takes this small vehicle on its natural progression with a smaller but more powerful engine with cylinder deactivation systems that also cut CO2 emissions.

Aside from being faster and more ecologically friendly, this baby also comes with a lowered ride height, a renewed body frame, Recaro sports seats and an infotainment system included.

Ford EcoSport

It may not be as well-known in the US as it is in other markets, but the Ford EcoSport is the carmaker's inroad into the subcompact SUV market through the remodeling and updating of its tried-and-true offer.

This particular EcoSport 2018 is inspired by young drivers and their unique preferences, with an efficient engine, a full-functionality infotainment platform and tons of storage features including a spacious hatch and trunk. We're hoping to see this models start to flood the streets for the years to come.

Ford Mustang

Since we're on Ford models, we would be remiss not to mention 2018's Mustang. Its redesign favors an efficient 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and can also be acquired with a 5.0-liter V8 engine primed to quick-shift on 10-speed automatic transmissions.

On the inside, it can be fitted with its signature gauges, or it can be replaced by a 12-inch customizable flat screen display. This makes it possible to tune everything including its exhaust note on the V8 modeled Mustang GT through its active-valve exhaust system.

Chevrolet Traverse

SUVs are fairly common in the market, but models like the Chevrolet Traverse and their 2018 models are the culmination of a ponderous and experienced manufacturer doing the best of what likes. This car seats up to eight passengers in a spacious three-row seating and a tilting a sliding second.

It’s available in unique trim touches, leather interior seats, power folding seats and a standard four-wheeled drive. Also? USB charging ports on all three seat rows.

Volkswagen Up! GTI

Its cheery and unorthodox name heralds a reinterpretation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI of olden times, becoming its successor. So far, it has left quite a positive impression on all who have driven it.

This makeover comes with a small car that gives up to 0-62 miles per hour in 8.8 seconds with its three-cylinder TSI engine, with the car also handling particularly well in corners. It may not be the quickest in the neighborhood, but it's definitely reliable and solid.  

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