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Traveling with the Kiddos – How to Get There (and Back) Without Going Insane

“Mooommmm…daaaaaaad. Are we there yet?” Oh. My. Gosh. Ask me one more time, Junior. Just ask me, and I’ll tell you where you are. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not there yet, and it rhymes with peep hubble. Traveling with your little ones can be such a wonderful and joyous adventure. Watching their wide eyes and sweet, open faces as they gaze wonderingly out the window...

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My Florida License was Suspended, and I Can't Renew My Registration! What Should I Do?

It’s a panic-inducing situation: your Florida license is suspended. Maybe you received your suspension notice in the mail, or maybe you were pulled over and just avoided arrest from the lenient police officer who pulled you over. However, not all situations need to be handled in court or with irritating defensive driving classes. Some suspensions can be handled with paperwork and a few phone calls.

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