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Staying Safe While Listening to Music on Your Florida Motorcycle

Last week, as I was on my way to a birthday party here in South Florida, I heard something I didn’t expect to hear on my drive. It started out faint, but as the sound grew louder, I was able to slowly identify and make out the curious noise. I glanced over my shoulder and saw it: a motorcyclist weaving his way through traffic, his boombox perched carefully on his lap. And emanating from those speakers was the familiar synth-pop sound of Phil Collins belting out “In the Air Tonight.”...

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Motorcycle Safety, Part Deux: Practical Advice for Staying Not-Dead on the Road

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we truly and genuinely care about our South Florida motorists. In fact, safety is something we really want to emphasize in our little corner of the internet, as the roadways here can be quite dangerous at times. We’ve touched briefly before on the best safety gear for motorcyclists, but now we want to take a moment to drill in a few more motorcycle safety tips into your (well protected, helmet wearing) brain. Once you're legally allowed to drive your motorcycle in the State safely, actually driving safely is the most important part!...

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