Hot sun, beautiful skies, and flat fast roads make Florida a great place to drive a car. Top down and horizons full of palm trees is one of the best ways to take in the beauty of the all-year-vacation-destination you live in. However, if the convertible is a little too banal, a motorcycle is a fun way to enjoy South Florida.

Once you pass your motorcycle license test, your next step is to get your Florida motorcycle registration.

How to Register a Motorcycle in Pompano Beach, Florida

Once you’ve got that ticket to ride, you don’t need to care about much else. Like most moving vehicles, you have to get your motorcycle registered to drive it legally. You know you’ll want to open it up when you take it on the high speed roads, and before you risk pavement surfing you should get all the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo in order.

What You Need to Know

First off, how did you get the bike? Did you buy it from a dealer, or a private seller? Are you moving to South Florida and already have it registered in another state? If you’ve already registered it elsewhere, you have 10 days to register it in Florida. You’ll also have to pass a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection.

Get a VIN Inspection

In Florida, the inspection is easy to get. A police officer, car dealer, or DMV inspector can take care of it for you. After that, you can either take it to local government offices to complete the registration, or complete registration with a local auto tag agency. This is the kind of job Auto Tags of Florida can complete in a day.

Did You Buy the Motorcycle from a Dealership?

When you buy from a dealer, the dealership will have 30 days to handle the registration process for you, and then the DMV will send you the title and registration in the mail. You will have to pay for the registration, so they may include it in the price of the purchase. Pay attention to what they charge - you can get it done same day, and often more cheaply if you take it to an auto tag agency.

Did You Buy from a Private Seller?

In this case, it’s up to you to make sure your motorcycle is legally registered in Florida. Keep your bill of sale ready, and make sure the seller filled it out properly. You’ll need the original title and the right forms to complete the process.

Deadlines to Remember

Once registered, you need to make sure the motorcycle stays legal. The registration will expire annually. New registration and registration renewal for a motorcycle can be a long, boring process. You don’t want the fines or potential license suspension.

Trust Auto Tags of Florida to complete your motorcycle registration quickly today!


Photo credit: Mateusz Dach