If you haven’t figured it out by now, we truly and genuinely care about our South Florida motorists. In fact, safety is something we really want to emphasize in our little corner of the internet, as the roadways here can be quite dangerous at times. We’ve touched briefly before on the best safety gear for motorcyclists, but now we want to take a moment to drill in a few more motorcycle safety tips into your (well protected, helmet wearing) brain. Once you're legally allowed to drive your motorcycle in the State safely, actually driving safely is the most important part!

These four tips can help keep protect you from serious harm the next time you’re on your motorcycle, and who knows – they might even save your life. (At least, we hope so -- we really do like you!)

Complete the Pre-Ride Checklist

Have you ever heard of T-CLOCS? No, it’s not a hot new hip-hop band coming straight out of the clubs of Miami. What it actually stands for is “Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis, and Stands.” Before every single ride, please give your bike a thorough once-over to verify there are no underlying issues present. This simple pre-ride inspection can literally save your life, and it only takes minutes to perform.

Stay Visible

Not only should you dress yourself head-to-toe in durable protective gear, you should also dress for visibility, too. Motorcycles are smaller and can be quieter than conventional motor vehicles, making it harder for drivers to see you sneaking up on them. A distracted driver who fails to notice you can put a kibosh on your day – and your life – in an instant. Deck yourself out in fluorescents and Day-Glo for best visibility. Don’t think of it as dressing like a neon monstrosity; instead, consider it a type of aposematism. You’re a dangerous, tough-as-nails biker who is signaling that if someone dares crosses into your lane, you’ll poison them with your neon-orange mightiness.

Ride Defensively

Okay, yes, we already confirmed that you’re super cool and rad in your vibrant leather safety gear (think yellowjacket wasp and not crossing guard, okay?). That said, you still need to be cautious when traversing the US 1 South. Keep your headlights on, know where other vehicles are at all times, maintain a reasonable distance between yourself and the cars around you, and recognize the fact that other drivers may not be aware of your presence. While riding aggressively may seem cool on television, it often ends poorly in real life.

Stay Sober and Stay Alive

Just like you wouldn’t drink and drive, you should also never drink and ride. Statistically, you’re already at higher risk of danger by virtue of being on your motorcycle. Adding alcohol to the mix is a sure-fire way to completely destroy your life and break your poor, dear old mother’s heart. Let us repeat that one more time for good measure: never drink and ride. Ever.

Of course, there are certain things that you can’t control when driving in South Florida. You can’t control the weather, you can’t control how other drivers are going to behave, and you certainly can’t practice mind control on your enemies. (Not, uh, that we’ve ever thought about doing that, though...) However, by taking these extra precautions when you’re riding your motorcycle, you help ensure you get from Point A to Point B both safely and in one piece.

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