In Fort Lauderdale, it’s pretty easy to get your car tags renewed if you know where to go. You have a few options, naturally. However, in the State of Florida, contractors are allowed to perform your auto tag renewals for you so that you don’t have to go to the DMV. This keeps lines at the DMV lower and makes it simpler to get your tags done when you are at work.

Do you need tag renewal services in Fort Lauderdale?  Your registration expires on your birth month, so it’s easy to remember when your tags will need to be renewed. The police here are fairly lenient in this regard - although technically your tag expires on the exact date of your birth. However, the punishments for driving with expired tags can be fairly heavy - you can end up with a suspended license, and even potentially have to deal with jail time. In Florida, it’s very important to keep that registration up to date. It’s usually not too expensive, and as long as your paperwork and insurance documents are in order, you can have a new registration sticker in as soon as a day.

If you wait at the DMV, you may face at minimum several hours of wait time. In addition to that, if you forget even a single document, you may be stuck going home and then coming back another day to wait again. Let’s be honest - the hours you spend waiting at the DMV are a big waste of productive time you could be spending at work or even at home, chilling in front of a movie or enjoying a good book.

If you contact Auto Tags of Florida, we can get your tags done within a matter of hours, and offer same-day service for many clients. We can also help you get tags for a newly purchased vehicle, an out-of-state tag transfer, or a custom license plate. Contact us today to find out more!