When you have a handicap parking permit in Florida, you need to prepare for renewal in advance. When your handicap parking permit is about to expire, the DMV will send you a renewal notice. This will let you know that you can submit the required forms in time to get it renewed. Your expiration date will depend on the doctor's approval for your temporary permits, and for permanent permits, four-year terms that end on your birthday or June 30th depending on whether it’s for personal or organizational use.

Renewal applications are very similar to your original application. Fees for temporary placards are required if they're issued after 12 months of the original. Our team at Auto Tags of Florida can help you get this process done quickly without the DMV headache.


If you no longer have your permit, or if it was damaged, then you need to follow a different process. Unfortunately, you will need to reapply for a new placard. However, the process is exactly the same as when applying for it the first time - getting a doctor’s approval and filling out the requisite forms, and paying the filing fee. You shouldn't have much trouble with it. Remember, medical certifications are only valid for twelve months. If the first one has expired, you will need a new one.

Other Requirements

A disabled parking permit will allow you special parking privileges.This means that you will be able to park in marked handicap spaces, and you'll even be able to park for no charge at many parking meters for a limited time period. However, you still may be charged parking fees for parking spaces used for entertainment purposes, and you may still have to pay fees when parking at the airport for extended time periods.

Displaying your placards and permits is very important. The must be hung properly. Place your placard in your rearview mirror when parking, and make sure the expiration date is visible from the outside.

Handicap parking permits only apply to the person who was issued them and only when they are in the car. The tag may be used in different vehicles since it's not bound to the car itself but the person to whom it was issued. If your permit is being used by another person while driving and you are not in the car, that person can be charged heavy fines.

Remember to be safe on the road and always park where you should!

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