Vehicles with out-of-state registrations are required by law to obtain a Boca Raton registration within a few days of the vehicle's owner finding employment, enrolling children in public school, or establishing residency in the state of Boca Raton. For a vehicle to be legally driven in the state of Boca Raton, it must have a current and valid registration.


Renewing a Registration

Vehicle registrations can be renewed up to three months before their expiration date, and customers have the option of renewing for either one or two years. Unless the vehicle's owner is a legal entity, registrations end at midnight on the first owner's birthday.


Customers who wish to renew their registrations online will need either the vehicle's license plate number or VIN. No online registration will be provided until the department can electronically verify that the vehicle is insured. Please get in touch if you plan on renewing your registration, and we'll handle it for you.


Registering a Heavy Truck

Trucks, tractor-trailers, and buses that utilize public roads are subject to an annual federal highway charge known as the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more are subject to the tax. Proceeds are redistributed to the states for use in highway building and maintenance.


Defenses to Expired Tag or Registration

Florida law provides a wide variety of possible reactions to the charge of "Expired Tag or Registration." A lawyer for a traffic infraction should have little trouble proving that a particular car (identified by its Vehicle Identification Number) was never registered with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. However, it is not uncommon for prosecutors to be unprepared for such cases due to a lack of expertise. They wrongly believe that the evidence of a police officer, who will invariably claim that he or she checked the FCIC/NCIC database on his or her in-car computer and concluded that the subject vehicle was not properly registered, will be sufficient to prove the accusation at trial (or had an expired tag).

Trial dismissal or reduction of an expired tag or registration charge is frequently attainable with adequate evidentiary objections. If you are facing charges of driving with an expired tag or registration in Florida, DO NOT enters a plea of guilty or no contest before consulting a counsel.


Tags (license plates) and registrations in Boca Raton have the same lifespan as those in the state of Florida.

  • The registration of privately owned automobiles is valid just until the first owner's birthday. Any vehicle that can carry its occupants and their belongings, including passenger cars, RVs, light trucks up to 5,000 pounds, small trailers, and motorcycles, falls under this category.
  • On the registration of rented automobiles, a termination date is stamped.
  • Vehicles owned by your company must be returned by June 30.
  • Truck tractors, semi-trailers, trucks above 5,000 pounds (business or individual), and nine-passenger cars for hire all have annual expiration dates on December 31
  • Please be aware that the May 31st deadline for renewing the six-month registrations granted for these cars has passed.