No matter if you're more of a surfer, river rat, or lake lover, you'll be impressed with Florida's beautiful water. Florida is famous for its abundance of water, making boating an integral aspect of Florida culture. Nothing like a day on the water in Florida.

To operate your boat legally in Florida waters, however, it must be registered with the state. Contact Us to register your boat with proper working order before setting sail on the pristine waterways of Florida.

When Do I need to Register My Boat?

All boats with motors that use Florida's public waterways must be titled and registered with the state's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. In Florida, riding an unlicensed boat after 30 days is a second-degree misdemeanor, so make sure to keep a proof of purchase (with the date of sale) aboard at all times until you can title and register the vessel. But it must not exceed 30 days.

Which Boats Are Exempted From Registration?

Make sure you get your boat registered before taking it out on any of Florida's public waterways if it has a motor or is longer than 16 feet. Some boats don't have to be registered, including:

  • Non-motorized canoes (regardless of length)
  • Kayaks (regardless of length)
  • Racing shells (regardless of length)
  • Rowing sculls (regardless of length)
  • Government-owned vessels 
  • Non-motorized boats less than 16 feet in length 
  • Boats used solely as lifeboats aboard ships
  • Privately owned watercraft, which does not travel to public waterways for any purpose.
  • Florida does not need the registration of boats that are registered in other states. It is legal to use the vehicle in Florida for up to 90 days if you already hold registration from another state or territory.

What is the procedure for titling a boat in Florida?

Titling your boat in Florida is a hectic process and very time-consuming, but we can swiftly and easily title your boat in Florida, saving you the hassle and time of making daily trips to the registering office. In order to title your boat in the state of Florida, you will require:

  • The proper titling fee
  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) or comparable statement of the constructor for new vessels.
  • When buying a boat in a state that doesn't require a marine certificate of ownership (MCO), a dealer's bill of sale must be signed to establish ownership. A detailed description of the boat is required in the ownership document.
  • Pre-owned vessel with a valid Florida title that has been properly prepared for sale.
  • Secondhand boat with a foreign registration: Accurately performed the transfer of out-of-state title to the buyer.
  • Pre-owned watercraft purchased in a jurisdiction that does not demand proof of ownership: A current registration and bill of sale from the state in which it is registered. All pertinent details about the ship must be listed on the bill of sale.

With the necessary paperwork in hand, you'll strive to register your boat as soon as possible. We are here to give you a hand. Don't leave your house; just give us a call, and we'll handle everything.