There’s a reason that so many people move to Florida - the state has just about everything you could ask for. Sunlight, tropical climate, endless expanses of beautiful beaches, you can even play sports year round! However, there is one complaint from the outdoorsy among us - and that’s the lack of elevation. Sorry, Mount Trashmore doesn’t count! We have spoken to our clients and taken the time to do a little research for the motorcycle riders in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the State of Florida so that you can find winding roads - they exist here despite the lack of mountainous terrain!


Before you ride, remember: always keep your oil new, your parts in good shape, and your Florida license current, your insurance paid, and your Florida motorcycle registration up-to-date!


Motorcycle Roads in Old Florida (


Old Florida, also known as “Forgotten Florida”, has none of the tourist traffic that Magic Kingdom Orlando or Daytona Bike Week will plague you with. When you want to enjoy little known by-ways and beautiful scenery that hasn’t been merchandised. This route is affectionately called the Skyway’s Secrets, named for the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay. It starts in St. Petersburg and takes you across the bay with a few different options of back roads throughout the Tampa Bay area.


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Curving Roads in Central Florida (

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Lake County is a scenic, “off the beaten path” sort of route that offers a lot of local charm. Winter Garden to Old Highway 50 will take you through curvy roads and even some hills (gasp?!).


A hefty 40 mph speed limit (you’ll be in the country) will allow you to take it as fast or as slow as you like - and enjoy some g-forces on those turns.


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Cruise the Key West Overseas Highway (


We’d be bad Floridians if we didn’t recommend you take the breathtaking route down the Keys and make as many stops as possible along the way. Not only will you be closer to Havana than Miami (just 106 miles - and only 60 from Cuba itself) and at the southernmost point of the United States, you’ll get to ride across the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges ever built as you ride along the Overseas Highway. It’s a breathtaking ride on which you can see the original bridge, overgrown with trees and wildlife, that runs parallel to the current bridge that was constructed in the ‘80s.


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These are just a few great options for motorcycle rides in Florida. What’s your favorite route to take in the Sunshine State?



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