Whether you're here for the car registration tips, Florida law news, or general love for cars, we want to keep you up to date on what's going in in Florida. We're lucky to have an exciting new event: Supercar Week! It's a one mile display of excellent cars and it will last for 9 days. 

The best part? It's happening again in April. It's great to be able to have mass car events again - and we're excited to see the love for cars being celebrated again. Stay safe and check out some amazing cars!

Here's a snapshot of what to expect: 


"On Sunday, January 16th, 2022, the one-mile length of the West Palm Beach, Flagler Drive Waterfront is laid out as an auto enthusiast cityscape, including designated areas for vehicle owners, car collectors, car clubs, dealers and brands: Visit: SuperCar Street, Muscle Beach, Memory Lane, Green Street for Electrics, Corvette Court, Viper Blvd., Porsche Place, Mustang Manor, ArtCar Ave., SuperJeep Village, Marine Village of Off-Shore PowerBoats, and the Race Village of Race Teams and displays of race vehicles."


Learn more at Car Collector's Club 

Image Credit: Adrian Dorobontu