Whether you're a beach lover, a river devotee, or a lake lounger, Florida is known for its gorgeous waterways. In Florida, boating is a way of life, and the state is recognized for its enormous coastline. As long as you're on the lookout for gators, there's nothing better than spending the day on the water in Florida.


In Florida, how can I get a boat license?

You must register your new boat within 30 days of purchasing it. There is a second-degree misdemeanor for operating an unregistered watercraft beyond 30 days.


In Florida, you can choose between a one-year or two-year registration for your boat. The procedure of applying for registration is the same regardless of whatever option you pick. You must submit a registration application to the county tax collector or the person in charge of obtaining license plates.


What is the cost of registering a yacht in Florida?

If the boat is equipped with an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or a Personal Locator Beacon, the cost of registering it in Florida varies. Registration at an office or courier registration agency is required to take advantage of the discounted charge.


The cost of registering a boat in Florida: what are my options?

To register your boat in Florida, you will pay a nominal cost, which increases with the size of your vessel. Fees depend on the service provided. Vessel registration fees will be reduced if your boat is equipped with an EPIRB or PLB, or if you have a Personal Locator Beacon.


The registration process isn't always mandatory. You don't need to register your boat if it's a non-motorized vessel that is less than 16 feet long. Alternatively, if you exclusively use your boat on a private lake or pond, you would not need to register it. However, it's recommended to verify with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for further instances.


Getting your boat registered in Florida is a must-do before putting it out on the water. Even though registering your boat might be time-consuming and expensive, it's worth it for the joy it will offer you and your family.


Sign Up to Be a Sojourner

If a boat owner plans on staying in Florida for longer than 90 days but intends to return to their home state with the vessel, they are awarded a sojourner registration. DECALS ARE THE ONLY THING ISSUED TO THEM; however, they must provide proof of registration in another state. HSMV Form 87244 It's a must-do. A standard cost for registering will apply.


Vessels with foreign flags moored in Florida

A Cruising Permit shields foreign-flagged vessels from Florida Use Tax. They will owe Use Tax if the foreign-flagged vessel merely has a Certificate of Deposit.