Before a car may be driven in Florida, it must be registered. Driving on public roads requires having a valid registration card, which establishes ownership of an automobile. As part of the registration procedure, you'll receive metal license plates and validation stickers. To show that you've paid the registration tax and fees for your car, you'll need a certificate of registration.


What Registration Options Do I Have?

To register your automobile, you'll need to take the original title and proof of Florida insurance to either the county tax collector, tag office or courier tag agency.


Does My Vehicle Have a Registration Deadline?

Yes, to some extent. For a fee, most dealerships will register your new car for you as soon as you drive it off the lot. The DHSMV requires that all vehicles purchased from private sellers be registered by the buyer themselves. Getting a job, registering your kids for school, or moving to the state all require you to register your car within 10 days.


Definition and ramifications of expired tags

Motor vehicle tag or registration that has been expired for more than six (6) months is punishable by up to 60 days in jail in Florida according to Section 320.07(3)(c) of the state's Statutes. According to existing regulations, failure to register leads in criminal penalties and a criminal record that lasts a lifetime.


Proposals to remove an expired tag or registration.

In Florida, you have various alternatives for defending yourself against charges of Tag or Registration Expiration. Even while it is theoretically conceivable to establish that an unregistered automobile (with a specific Vehicle Identification Number) qualifies as a vehicle for a misdemeanor, proving it is challenging. When it comes to preparing for these types of cases, prosecutors are often lacking in experience. The defendants go to trial under the mistaken impression that the accusation may be proven by the evidence of an off-duty police officer who invariably claims to have checked the FCIC/NCIC database on his or her in-car computer and determined that the subject vehicle was improperly registered (or had an expired tag).

If sufficient evidentiary objections are produced at trial, the accusation of an expired tag or registration can usually be waived or dismissed. Because of this, in Florida, unless you've consulted with an attorney, you should not plead guilty to driving with an expired tag or registration.