Are you ready to get a handicap parking permit in Florida? Your first step will be getting a certification from your doctor.

You have the option of a hanging placard, or a license plate that denotes a handicap parking permit. For a license plate with the international wheelchair symbol, you must complete a separate application, but the same process will apply.

The doctor has one job here: to verify your condition to the state. However, not all doctors can provide this certification. Your doctor must know whether the condition qualifies as permanent or temporary. But who qualifies?

  • Chiropractors
  • Physicians
  • Licensed physician's assistants
  • Podiatric or osteopathic physicians
  • Registered nurses under licensed physicians
  • Optometrists (for dealing with eyesight disabilities).

Your medical certification is valid for a period of 12 months before submitting, so you need to file it within a year of receiving it, otherwise you’ll have to get a new application filled out by your doctor.

After you’ve acquired the form, there will be a fee for the placard. Both the fee and the application must be submitted with some form of identification. This can be a driver's license or an ID card.

What If You Visit from Out of State?

Out of towners have it easy here in Florida. If you have a disability placard, you can use that home state placard. If you have one from another country, you can apply for a temporary placard here in the State of Florida as well. All you have to do is submit copy of your current disability permit, your passport and the fee to a tag office in the State of Florida or at the DMV.

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