No - all DMV offices in Florida are closed as of March 19th thru April 19th. The FLHSMV is currently set to reopen on April 19th, but we are not sure at this time if they will remain closed past April 19th. However, the State of Florida has not at this time offered any relief as far as registration renewals, new tags, etc. Please review the site below for updates on the FLHSMV's hours of operation during Novel Coronavirus. You are still able to get these documents renewed via local auto tag agencies in the area.

Florida DMV Hours of Operation during COVID-19

We will try to keep you in the loop as far as any changes to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles during this uncertain time. In the mean time, enjoy the beautiful sun, stay safe and healthy!


Auto Tags of Florida provides registration renewals in Palm Beach county, Broward county, and all regions throughout the State of Florida. We are able to assist you virtually so you don't have to risk coming in to the office, and we can mail you your new stickers and tags so that you can stay safe when you are on the road. Contact us at [email protected]


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