You can’t help but notice the man in the red Lamborghini, engine roaring and hissing as he races up and down Federal Highway at speeds way faster than the requisite 45 mph. Some people look at him enviously and drool over the prized piece of engineering behind whose wheel he gets to sit, grip, up and downshift. With so many horsepower at his fingertips, he seems unstoppable.


Others become annoyed by the loud noise. They don’t understand why boys and girls need their toys! And that’s ok! However, for many people, getting noticed in their vehicle is something to be desired - and a vanity plate or specialty auto tag is a far simpler, and way more affordable way of getting noticed.


When you’re cruising down Las Olas like Walter White in your Pontiac Aztek, you can transform that goofy whip into a tribute vehicle by customizing your plates. An auto tag that reads HZNB3RG would turn that hallmark of a bad car into a beloved cruiser, so much so that you could probably tag Vince Gilligan on Instagram and hope for a reply.

Why Get a Specialty Auto Tag?

How many times have you gotten excited over a funny or cool license plate? There’s no doubt that a great plate can get you some positive attention. Also, how many police officers do you think are Breaking Bad fans? You might even save yourself on a few tickets.


What’s the Damage?

In the modern world of internet celebrity, a little attention costs a small price. In Florida, they just add a small annual fee onto your typical auto tag registration cost. Once your vehicle is registered, you have the plate and depending on the specialty tag, you may or may not have the annual fee afterwards.

Florida Requirements for Choosing a Personalized Plate

There are a few rules to choosing a personalized plate, and they are common sense rules. Nothing lewd, no racial slurs or insensitive subject matter allowed. There is a limitation on number of characters, and of course, no two cars can have the came license plate. Otherwise, it’s a fairly easy process!

Florida Specialty Plates

Florida has a huge selection of specialty plates that contribute or pay homage to specific organizations. According to, the number one specialty auto tag for 2016 was the University of Florida tag. Protect Our Reefs ranked #10, and Golf Capital of the World ranked #15. There really are specialty tags to represent almost any interest! To see where the rest ranked, and what other options are available, visit here.


Do you have a specialty plate you want to get on your new or used car? Do you already have your vanity plates, or will you order them the next time you renew your registration? Call Auto Tags of Florida at (954)848-4808 to get them started today.